5 Social Zoom Call Pass for £40


Get a 5 month pass for the monthly social zoom calls!

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Brown Paper Festival Social Zoom Calls
Blow that imposter syndrome away, get motivated and find people to hold your hand through any issues you are facing. Designed to cheer your day!
Social Small Business Zoom Call Pass x5

Buy yourself a 5 call pass , save yourself £10 and guarantee yourself a space in 5 calls! I’ll be scheduling calls every month so you can come together and get support running your small business. I will keep track of your calls and email you after each session to confirm how many you have left on your pass. You don’t have to use the passes on consecutive months. The pass expires after 12 months. A great way to make sure you get support, feel included, get out of that lockdown monotony and chat to people who understand running a business!

Zoom Call
Once a month I will host a social zoom call for small business owners. When you work by yourself it’s hard to find people to bounce ideas off of and to get advice from so we will use the session to just chat about whatever you fancy!
Hosted on Zoom it will be an hour to relax, find people to relate to and get any problems, ideas and wins out there!
I think sometimes small business owners end up getting really into your own head. I aim to give you space to get out of it, explore new thoughts and bounce ideas around. As part of the markets I host very similar zoom calls. 9 times out of 10 we all learn something from each other, work out a problem someone is having or pass tips on to help with the business ! It’s such a wonderful thing and I wanted to host them for people outside of the markets …
So join me for a Social Small Business Zoom Call May that will help that imposter syndrome disappear!
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