Is Brown Paper Festival the place for you?

Thinking of applying for Brown Paper Festival’s markets ? Or signing up for the community membership ? But you’re not sure if this is the place for you … keep reading to find out more!

  • You are super passionate about your business and your craft whatever that may be. You strive to learn more and improve your skills.
  • You are serious about making the business work for you … be that full time now or in the future, or part time around another job. You are reaching beyond the ‘hobby’ stage and looking at how it can work for you.
  • You want to be part of a community. I don’t expect people to drop everything to take part but believe me it will make the whole experience of running a business much more enjoyable with support and people around you!
  • You are here to support others as much as you look for it. It’s all about give and take, that’s how the community will grow.
  • You are anti-racist, accepting of all gender identities and supportive of diversity in all ways. It’s not for you if you are not going to be accepting of these things, there will be no space for any prejudiced or racial comments in the groups or during the markets.
  • Don’t worry if you find social situations tricky sometimes … I do too so we can be awkward together! The markets and memberships are great ways to sneak into groups without being the centre of attention.
  • And basically you just want to be part of a wonderful, friendly community! Then Brown Paper Festival is for you …