Apply Now for 2021 Online Markets

Brown Paper Festival is back with even more amazing online markets for the second part of 2021 and you can apply now! The online events have been so much fun to work on and, with an average of 3500 views on the website at each weekend market I’ve been blown away by the support from customers!
I’m always looking at what can be improved and changed after each market. Which is why the ‘mini markets’ are now going to be rebranded, will now run from 10am – 10pm on a Friday … and will continue to be themed!
I enjoyed every single part of the process and put so much love and energy into making them the friendliest online markets in the UK. The communities already formed have been so incredible … so amazing in fact that I have now have the Brown Paper Festival Community Small Business Membership to go alongside the markets! Plus social zoom calls for small business owners and workshops to help you learn more to improve and grow your brand…
Find out more here Brown Paper Festival Small Business Community Membership

So back to the markets and how you can apply!! The events had such great feedback from the stallholders with the vast majority selling lots and reaching so many new people! And, despite some not making masses of sales (as can often happen at virtual and physical markets), they all gained traffic, followers and made new connections!

Here’s a couple of testimonials from past and present stallholders …

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Brown Paper Festival! Megan was an amazing host, on the ball, quick to answer questions and very attentive. She has a great knack of engaging both buyers and makers, bringing together a lovely crafty community that I’m proud to be a part of! 

Thank you for everything again Megan. We’re not even interested in doing other markets really as yours are great. It’s up and down whether they will bring sales but a risk worth taking and the last one was pretty successful

I’ve made the decision to switch the ‘weekend markets’ back to being 1 day events so they will take place on a Saturday only, 10am – 10pm.
There is a maximum of 40 spaces and they will be open to all handmade small businesses. I always aim to create a varied market featuring lots of different products as I believe this makes the markets more engaging for customers.
All the lovely businesses will be sorted into categories on the website to make shopping easier … for example there are categories such as Jewellery, Home Decor, Kids, Bath and Beauty etc. Each business will be listed in relevant categories with photos, description, exclusive discounts (if you wish to offer one) and the link to your online shop. I will be introducing each business on social media in the run up with everyone getting a post all about their business.

A couple of the markets are going to be themed this time, including a Sustainability market and of course Christmas!

A collage of handmade products from Brown Paper Festival stallholders. There are mugs, candles, woven wall hangings, lampshades, skincare, baklava, plant hanger, artwork and earrings

These are £35 per stall which includes
– Promotion in the lead up to the market including 1 grid post per business and story shares,
– On the day of the market every business will be promoted once again plus the opportunity to take part in a live video to introduce your business and show your products.
– A listing including around 10 images on the website for market weekend in multiple relevant categories for maximum visibility,
– Being part of the WhatsApp group chat for the month before the market,
– 2-3 group zoom calls with the other stallholders before market day

The upcoming dates are

July 10th – Sustainability
September 11th
November 27th – Christmas

Brown Paper Festival poster about 'Hello Friday Markets' 10am-10pm

21st May - Get Crafty
28th May - Stationery 
4th June - Food and Drink
15th October - Gifts for Kids
22nd October - Gifts for Him
29th October - Gifts for Her

Celebrate Fridays with Brown Paper Festival

And the other markets will be hosted on Fridays from 10am to 10pm !
As with the other markets I will still be hosting them via the website, everyone’s business will be listed with photos, description, exclusive discounts and the link to the online shops. However they won’t be organised into categories, each market is themed so there is no need. Customers will visit the webpage to shop through each businesses website.
I will be introducing each business on social media in the run up, these will be done in groups of 5-6 businesses per post.

These are £25 for a virtual stall which includes
– Promotion in the lead up to the market (in a group of 5-6 businesses),
– A listing including up to 10 images on the website on market day,
– Being part of the WhatsApp or Instagram group chat for the couple of weeks before the market with the other stallholders,
– A group zoom call with the other stallholders before the day

A collage of products from Brown Paper Festival stallholders including artwork, cake, embroidery art, tea, stickers and a star shaped wreath

They will be held on

Friday 21st May – Get Crafty
Friday 28th May – Stationery
Friday 4th June – Food and Drink

Friday 15th October – Gifts for Kids
Friday 22nd October – Gifts for Him
Friday 29th October – Gifts for Her

I’m open to including lots of different types of products in each market as would love them to still be varied … so feel free to apply to whichever markets you feel apply to your business ! For example Get Crafty could mean craft kits or materials but also workshops or fabric … get creative with it!

So if this all sounds like you want to get involved all you have to do is apply now for the 2021 online markets by filling in the application form here …

Applications close on 1st May!

If you are unsure whether Brown Paper Festival is for you click the button below! I am so passionate about making this a wonderful, friendly, inclusive space so there are a few things that make this happen … Is Brown Paper Festival Right For Me

I aim to give as many people spaces as possible however I do limit spaces in the markets so unfortunately may not be able to accommodate everyone. I also try to create really varied markets and try to avoid doubling up too much as I believe this is fairer for you as businesses.

Once I have offered you a space please ensure you pay your invoice before the deadline specified on the invoice. This will confirm your space at the market. Until the invoice is paid you will not be promoted on social media as part of the market so please pay as soon as you can. If there are any issues in paying please do get in touch as I’m happy to help.

If you have any questions pop me an email at and I’ll be happy to help!