Kimmy Priggen

Capturing that all important ‘twinkle in the eye’ is what makes my art so popular. I have always had a passion for painting, particularly animals for my own pleasure and I’ve found that people really appreciate the way I focus on capturing the animal’s personality and character and really ‘bring them to life’. Recently I’ve taken it up more seriously since taking voluntary redundancy from my job as a diamond valuer in 2008. Although not formally trained, I have learnt from two exceptionally talented local artists with very differing styles, who have given me real insight and showed me how to take my art to another level.
I am fundraising for some animal charities that are close to my heart, particularly International Animal Rescue, to which I am very committed, and I enjoy painting for them. Profits from prints of the baby Orang Utan ‘Punk Baby’ all go to this charity as well as 10% of profits from ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Punk Sister’. I hope you enjoy looking at my art.

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