Small Business Gift Guides; Kids

Welcome to the first of a series of small business gift guides, designed to inspire and make your Christmas shopping much easier. You could go and buy these exact products or you could run with an idea and go on a theme!

So first up is a gift guide for Kids! A super tricky audience to buy for unless you head to the big toy stores and stock up on plastic things that they’ll get bored of after an hour … so why not try shopping small to find them beautiful (and hopefully longer lasting) gifts that they will cherish. I’ve aimed for a variety of ages and tried to keep them gender neutral for the most part. Let’s get started …

Inspirational Men and Women Peg Dolls to motivate and educate. Each one is hand painted by Colour Me Happy.

Adorable handmade soft toys in quirky designs such as whales and tapirs. All created by Made by Swimmer.

Delicious baking kits including gingerbread baking kit created by The Busy Baking Co.

Get creative with the ‘Hack Pack’ Paper Craft Kit by Art Star London. Use the materials to make bright, fun decorations and more!

The most snuggly handprinted blankets and quilts by Green Curve Store.

The most adorable little leather booties handmade by Anna Figgins Design.

Get your kids drawings put onto the doodle teddy with Dinky Doodles !

Embrace nature with natural Play Dough and Wooden Stamps by Playberry.

Go back to traditional wooden toys with these beautiful pieces by GM Furniture.

Dress up with cute bows and headbands for kids by Kat and the Bobbin.

Stay cosy with knitted mittens and hats by Emma Howe Knitwear.

Bring the fun with cute soft toy dolls from pirates to mermaids, handmade by Clarkes Closet.

Sustainable clothing for the curious and conscientious all designed by mother and son team A Curious Society.

So there’s just a few of my favourite gift ideas for kids … there is so much out there to discover. Find alternatives to plastic toys, the latest trend and things that will get forgotten and instead spend your money on something that will last and be loved.
Try searching on websites like Etsy and Not on the Highstreet to get ideas (don’t be afraid of searching elsewhere if you find an idea!) but also search #’s on Instagram too. Things like #childrensgifts, #handmadeforchildren, #sustainablekidsclothes and #giftsforkids will bring up lots of ideas!

But also just think outside the box, or think about a gift you’d buy normally and search for a small business equivalent … do your research and see what you can find !

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