How to make running your business more fun!

Let’s be honest … sometimes as a small business owner, you find yourself struggling for motivation! We all do sometimes but there are a few things that you can do to help yourself get out of the rut.

1. Pop on a podcast, grab some snacks and take breaks!

Find a good podcast, your favourite radio show or some uplifting music to work to. I’m no good at sitting in silence so you’ll always find me listening to something … my favourites are Off Menu Podcast, the Chris Moyles Show on Radio X or a good playlist of 70’s music ! It passes the time but also makes it feel like your in a more social environment.
Gather some snacks (healthy or unhealthy) and a cup of something nice (I’m thinking tea or coffee, leave the alcohol till after work so you don’t post crazy stuff on social media!!).

And most importantly set yourself time boundaries and take breaks! Don’t sit at your desk for hours on end without getting up for a wander, or stepping away from your computer. I’m not that great at doing this however my watch does alert me when I’ve been sat for an hour which is a really great reminder to get up and stop for a while … so maybe set hourly timers to achieve the same effect ? Get up, make a drink, wander outside if you can and clear your mind for a few minutes!

2. Surround yourself with reminders of why you started your business and why you love doing what you do!

I think this is such an important one … we all started our businesses for a reason and we need to remember this. Whether it was because you loved painting or creating, or you wanted to work for yourself, maybe you just wanted something to make you a bit of extra money or fill your time … sometimes we loose sight of this. Maybe put little post it notes around your desk reminding you of the why ! Or get yourself some motivational artwork to motivate you when you feel like things are getting too much. And remember … you are the boss so you can do whatever you want!

3. Interact with other small business owners who know what you’ll be feeling! Supporting each other is so important!

Finding your people is one of the most important things to do within your business. Running a business can be lonely – especially when you do it full time – so finding communities that work for you can be so beneficial !
Social media can be a great place to meet fellow business owners but also get involved in events and groups too. The Brown Paper Creative Community is my lovely community for small business owners and creatives and is the perfect place to share your worries and wins. It’s just nice to know there is somewhere you can go when you need help or just need a pep talk … we also love celebrating when something exciting happens too! You’ll never feel alone again !

There are my top tips for making sure you enjoy running your business … remember it’s your business and you are in control of it ! I’d love to hear what you do to make your work days more fun … pop any ideas below !

And a quick reminder, the Creative Community officially relaunches on September 20th but you can register your interest now here to make sure you are the first to get all the info!

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