Finding Wonderful Communities Online

If there is anything that the last year has taught us it’s the importance of community and finding your people! We’ve spent months apart from loved ones which has led many of us to find new friendships and communities online. This is amazing not only for our mental health but also for meeting new people.

I wanted to highlight a few wonderful communities that I am part of online. Some are aimed at small business owners but others are open to everyone! Why not join a few and get involved!

So let’s start with business based communities…

The first one is a Facebook group called Money Making Women, a group started by the super lovely Ray Dodd. Money is a big scary thing that many business owners hate talking about. Ray dispels this fear and the group is full of wonderful women who are willing to help you! I’ve been in the group for a few months now and love seeing posts pop up in my feed. It’s a place you can go to with your worries, questions and wins. I’ve also taken part in some of Ray’s courses which are also lovely places but value to be had from the free Money Making Women group is amazing!

I’ve also just joined The Social Renegade Community on Facebook. It’s hosted by Paula who supports small businesses, helps inspire their social media and is a MAKE-STUFF-HAPPENER ! The group is there to support creatives and business owners and give them a place for accountability and discussion. Already I’m loving the inclusive, honest and supportive community and think it’s a great place to make connections.

Join Brown Paper Festival’s Small Business Community!

I also wanted to give you a heads up about my small business community too! I started a Facebook group membership at the end of last year and it has been slowly building since then. The group is somewhere to feel supported and included whilst running your business. I’m regularly sharing discussion posts, ideas, helpful hints and tips! My aim is for it to be somewhere that you can come when you have problems or you get stuck. I’m always on social media so will be able to give a helping hand and be a voice of confidence if you need it. But also I want you to feel like you can come and celebrate your wins, however small or big!
It is just £30 per year and I’m going to be creating more exciting content throughout the year! I’m thinking lives, worksheets (there’s already one or two there!), q&a’s and I also want to really tailor the content to what you guys want and need! You can sign up here!

I also love the community between small businesses on Instagram! This isn’t a particular group but the more you follow the more you’ll find support. Using Instagram really is about give and take, by commenting, reacting to stories and sharing you will get to know other business owners and customers. One of my favourite things to do is scroll through stories and react or reply to small businesses! That could be complimenting their products/services, relating to behind the scenes clips, or just general chat! It feels so lovely to interact with like minded business owners and, over time you’ll hopefully find a lovely group of people who you’ll become online buddies with! I have quite a few friends that I have made this way & it’s so amazing! Give it a go… and be sure to follow me there too, I’d love to hear from you !

Right now onto a couple of really wonderful non business related communities you can join online …

The first one is run by my very lovely friend Renee from The Girl Who Gardens. Her Gorgeous Gardeners Facebook group is such a warm place to be. Whether you are a garden fanatic or just enjoy nature it’s definitely for you! I’m not a super keen gardener but love seeing Renee’s passion about it and it really rubs off on you. I love hearing people’s tips for the garden, it’s a great place to get help identifying a plant and tips on what plants to buy! I also love the weekly Hello Beauty post where Renee encourages you to post a photo of something beautiful in nature that you’ve seen that week! It’s such a lovely thing that is so simple.

If you love a bit of fashion, or want to revamp your wardrobe I highly recommend the Style Me Happy Facebook group hosted by the lovely Emily Innes. Emily is a personal stylist but not in the high fashion kind of way, she speaks our language, loves loungewear as much as she loves beautiful dresses and is really funny too! It’s an amazing group where you can post outfits you love, get opinions from real women and discover your love of clothes again. And the only rule is … Don’t Be A Dick!

So that’s a quick round up of my favourite online communities that I really recommend you get involved in! Maybe you are feeling the need for more connections, you want to find like minded people or you just fancy finding the wonderful corners of the internet, I hope these will help and that you’ll love them as much as I do!

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