How do the markets work ?

If you’ve never been to one Brown Paper Festival’s online markets you are in for a treat! They are super friendly, handmade focussed and easy to shop at … but I am biased! However these lovely people are not …

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for introducing me to so many lovely little businesses through the online market…my bank account is definitely crying already but I’m absolutely loving just about everything I’ve seen so far! Thankyou !!”
– Millie

“You’ve done such a good job! I personally LOVE your update videos with you chatting. Makes it so much more personal, but your posts on your stories have also been great at promoting all the small businesses. I found so many more shops that I never knew existed! Thank you!”
– Rachel

For over 5 years I’ve been in the craft fair game and I absolutely love it, running Brown Paper Festival has given me a way to support small businesses and introduce more people to shopping handmade during the weird year we’ve had!

So … how can you get involved ?

The markets happen most months with lots coming up this year!

Brown Paper Festival operates in a slightly different way to many online markets, with the actual marketplace being hosted on the website instead of Instagram.

So what does this mean ?

  1. You get to browse all the businesses with super easy access to their online shops … just a click of a button!
  2. You get to see more beautiful images of their products straight away
  3. You can easily see what each business does and hear the story behind the brand
  4. You can browse the businesses by category … maybe you really want a new piece of jewellery … click the jewellery page and you’ll see them all in one place!

As you’ll be able to see below each business has a listing … this includes a slideshow of images, a description of their business, a discount code valid for the market if they are offering one and all the links to their online shops and social media.

How do you shop ?
Well it’s super simple … if a business takes your fancy, note down their discount code (if they have one) and head over to their online shop! You purchase through their website, being sure to use the offer code, and then you will get confirmation from each indie business you shop with.
All that’s left to do is wait for your beautiful order to arrive at your door! And if you can, please post a photo and tag the business along with @brownpaperfestival so we can see what you ordered … we love seeing what has been purchased at the market !

Why shop handmade at Brown Paper Festival ?

💚 Everything is made with so much more care and love than the retail giants!
💚 You are supporting someone’s dream and they’ll do a happy dance when you order!
💚 No your order probably won’t arrive the next day but the parcel will have been sent with much more love !
💚 Small businesses are much more sustainable, ethical and less wasteful !
💚 It’s much much more fun !!

Shopping with small businesses can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t follow many indie brands already. Visiting online markets like Brown Paper Festival is a great way to discover new businesses!

TOP TIP … Even if you aren’t in the position to buy just yet be sure to like the businesses you discover on social media. This will help future you when you need to buy a gift or a specific product, you’ll be able to go through your following list and hopefully find exactly what you need!

At Brown Paper Festival every indie brand handmakes their products or offers unique services so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re not buying random bought in products that have been made in a factory somewhere! This is much better for sustainability, knowing where your orders have come from and also to know that you are supporting a handmade seller.

I really hope you love shopping at the markets … I absolutely love putting them together! If you have any feedback it’s hugely helpful to hear from you … click the button below to fill in my feedback form. It helps me improve the markets each time and make them even better for you guys !

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