Just a small selection of the wonderful businesses taking part in Brown Paper Festival’s Online Markets!

Brown Paper Festival is the place to find an inclusive range of incredible handmade businesses, creative inspiration and community spirit. It will be a day full of shopping, friendly faces, food and will have some music thrown in too ! However at the moment, due to the current craziness in the world, the events will be in the form of online markets.

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Brand New Markets Are Here!

So … we made it to 2021 and still the majority of our shopping is going to have to be done online. The amazing thing about this is the wealth of small businesses who operate online … there is a whole world of them out there and I’ve made it my job to bring them […]

Why Online Markets Are Perfect Right Now!

So … here we are in 2021 with another lockdown, more weirdness and lots of small businesses trying to forge their way through everything. Craft markets are one of my absolute favourite things but sadly they just aren’t possible at the moment with people gathered all together. However online markets are here to help! Now, […]

What a Weekend!

Wow, where to start ? Last weekend was just mental … I was so happy with the amount of interest the event had had. I was ready to get sharing and hoping for lots of lovely customers. But then things got crazy! That morning a few lovely people shared about the market on stories and […]

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